Imagine are Florida, Inc.’s  primary purpose is to create and use science-based education to teach folks of all ages how to connect, respect and coexist with our wild friends and their wild spaces.

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Recycling and Waste Reduction

Imagine Our Florida, Inc. strives to teach folks how to live a more sustainable lifestyle as we look for every avenue to reduce our own carbon footprint.

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Bear-Resistant Trash Cans

Imagine Our Florida, Inc. has been dedicated to promoting the use of bear-resistant trash cans throughout the state.

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Keeping our Waters Clean

Imagine Our Florida, Inc. recognizes that ocean pollution is a huge problem, especially in marine ecosystems.

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Imagine Our Florida, Inc. believes humans are a part of the ecosystem and not above it.  Our belief in the need for people to connect, respect, and coexist with our wildlife and within our

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As a science-based education organization, Imagine Our Florida, Inc. has decided to take our followers on a research journey that looks into fecal

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Wildlife Passage Update

On July 2, 2017 Imagine Our Florida Director Aymee Laurain was driving through the pan handle when a vehicle

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Wildlife Crossing Proposal

Recently, we submitted a proposal to Google with a vision of getting wildlife crossing alerts on the google map app.

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