Imagine Our Florida, Inc. 


Is on a Mission to Educate and Empower the people of Florida

to become a voice for our wildlife, advocate for environmental stewardship,

and coexist within our unique ecosystems.

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Our purpose is to bring people together in a shared vision to preserve and protect Florida’s wildlife, habitat, and ecosystems. We plan to accomplish this via science-based education and the development of appreciation and respect for the natural world and our place within it.

Using our custom designed lesson plans,  IOF volunteers encourage critical thinking through exploration and discovery.  We make it a fun, hands-on experience while showing people of all ages how to put away their phones and connect with Florida’s wildlife and wild spaces. When folks understand the sentient beings with whom we share our state, they learn to respect rather than fear them. They begin to realize the importance of the land and water we share. Therefore, IOF offers opportunities for beach cleanups and teaches the importance of recycling. For those who want to advocate on behalf of  Florida’s wildlife or natural resources, IOF is prepared to instruct folks of all ages on how to be most effective.  In addition, IOF will soon launch groundbreaking research which will provide a better understanding of human-caused stress in Florida Black Bears and will potentially lead to the proposal of more responsible wildlife management practices.  There are over 21 million Floridians and 113 million annual visitors, all of whom can become voices for our voiceless wildlife. When each of us does our part, no matter how big or small, we can all begin to Imagine Our Florida where we peacefully coexist with our native wild friends.
Connect. Respect. Coexist.

Upcoming events

  • 27 Apr 2019

    2019 Deland Water festival

    This free event will have many vendors and educational opportunities for people of all ages. The Water Festival is a fun and unique…
  • 27 Apr 2019

    Earth Day event at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

    Live Music, Children’s section, Environmental Exhibitors and vendors, Plant Sales, Nature Programs, Live Animal Displays. Address: 6400 N Oceanshore Blvd,…
  • 28 Apr 2019

    Painting with a Purpose Fundraiser April 28th

    Director Aymee Laurain will be holding a fundraiser at Painting With a Twist at 2527 Central Ave Saint Petersburg, Florida…


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Imagine Our Florida, Inc.

Our purpose is to bring people together in a shared vision to preserve and protect Florida's wildlife, habitat and ecosystem. We plan to accomplish this via science- based education and the development of appreciation and respect for the natural world and our place within it.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
---------------- Press Release ---------------
- and Opportunities for YOU to Make a Difference -

Imagine Our Florida, Inc. is pleased to announce the inception of a new chapter in Volusia/Flagler County. This new team of volunteers, led by Directors Lourdes Brown and Alex Clark, join IOF chapters in Central Florida, Tampa, Miami, and DeSoto/Highlands Counties. Imagine the number of Floridians IOF will EDUCATE AND EMPOWER TO BECOME A VOICE FOR OUR WILDLIFE, ADVOCATE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP, AND COEXIST WITHIN OUR UNIQUE ECOSYSTEMS.

This is all possible because of YOU. It is your willingness to volunteer alongside us, your enthusiasm to share IOF's social media messages, your financial contributions, and your encouragement as we work together to show people how they too can connect, respect, and coexist with wildlife and within our shared ecosystems.

IOF has 2 events this Saturday, April 27th where you can make a difference. There are tabling opportunities at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park in Palm Coast and The Water Festival in Deland. On Sunday, April 28th, bring a bottle of wine and join IOF's fundraiser at Painting with a Purpose in St. Petersburg where you will create your own masterpiece. (details in IOF events)

Keep doing what you are doing. Whether it be sharing our posts, donating what you can, or joining IOF at events, know you are Educating, Empowering, and Making a Difference. 🗣🐾🐻🐢🌳🐬💦
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
"The Gathering and a Guest"
Seven Roseate Spoonbills and One Snowy Egret.
Black Point Wildlife Drive. Merritt Island
#ImagineOurFlorida #IOF #spoonbill #egret
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
--- Tuesday Trivia ---
The Gathering and a Guest
It's a flock of Roseate Spoonbills. Or is it?
Can you spot the guest?
Comment with the species of bird who is not a spoonbill.
Hint: He or she has bright yellow legs.
Answer revealed tonight at 6:00 PM
Be the First to know. Like us at
#ImagineOurFlorida #IOF #spoonbill #RoseateSpoonbill
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
--- Earth Day 2019 ---
The United Nations declared April 22 as International Mother Earth Day.
What does Earth Day mean and why is it important?
Earth Day promotes an understanding of environmental issues. Its purpose is to make people aware of the critical actions needed to protect our environment. Earth Day is important because it reminds people to think about the threats the planet faces.
The first Earth Day began as a grassroots effort by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 after he witnessed the devastating 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA. The public support for Earth Day helped bring about the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, the passing of the Clean Air Act, the Water Quality Improvement Act, and the Endangered Species Act.
Earth Day is the day to remember the environment in our busy lives. It reminds us to do the little things such as turning off lights, conserving energy, planting trees, and recommitting to reduce, reuse, and recycle. More than 1 billion people around the world participate in Earth Day events.
Today, let us all commit to protecting Mother Earth. When we all do our part, our children and grandchildren will inherit a beautiful planet.
#ImagineOurFlorida #IOF #EarthDay #Planet #Environment
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Our baby barred owls are no longer babies. They are enjoying new adventures while exploring a whole new world. 🌳🦉🦉 <3
#imagineourflorida, #iof, #owls, #owl
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
---Celebrating John Muir---

John Muir is known as the "father of national parks". He earned this role by advocating for protected land. While Theodore Roosevelt may have received much of the credit, it was a dedicated citizen, much like any of us, who fought for wild lands. Learn more about John Muir in this documentary.

#ImagineOurFlorida #IOF #JohnMuir #NationalPark