Imagine Our Florida, Inc.  

IOF is on a Mission to Educate and Empower the people of Florida to become a voice for our wildlife, advocate for environmental stewardship, and coexist within our unique ecosystems.

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Upcoming events

  • 01 Mar 2020

    Thundering Spirit Pow Wow

    Please join us for traditional Native American culture including drumming, dancing, crafts, and food. Bring the whole family and spend…
  • 01 Mar 2020

    Imagine Our FLorida at Hardee County Public Library

    Imagine Our Florida’s new Manatee Display will be up from Feb 7th thru March 13th. Library Hours: Monday 10:00 –…
  • 14 Mar 2020

    Volunteer Wekiva

    Join us at Wilson’s Landing to learn about exciting volunteer opportunities with many different organizations around the river system! Volunteers…
  • 14 Mar 2020

    Orlando Science Center Great Outdoors Weekend

    Come experience the Orlando Science Center on the Great Outdoors Weekend. See many educational projects along with Imagine Our Florida’s…


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Imagine Our Florida, Inc.

Our purpose is to bring people together in a shared vision to preserve and protect Florida's wildlife, habitat and ecosystem. We plan to accomplish this via science- based education and the development of appreciation and respect for the natural world and our place within it.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
IOF is at Thundering Spirit Powwow at Rennigers in Mt Dora. Come by today or tomorrow to this family event. Dancing, drums, ceremonies, and musicians as well as vendors and educators. IOF is presenting our manatee lesson plan. Did you know manatees are related to mastodons and lived in Florida with them? Be sure to stop by our tent. See you soon!

#ImagineOurFLorida #IOF #ThunderinSpiritPowow
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
---Foto Friday---
Scorpion-tail Heliotropium angiospermum

These delightful little plants are members of the Boraginaceae family which include the common forget-me-nots. They can establish well in sandy and disturbed sites and are commonly found in coastal hammocks. They also make a nice addition to your garden.

They are host plants for Bahamian swallowtail, Cassius Blue, Florida white, gray hairstreak, great southern white, gulf fritillary, Miami blue, queen, rudy daggewing, Schaus' swallowtail, and others.

Do you have a favorite Florida native plant in your garden?

#scorpiontail #Heliotropiumangiospermum #pollinators #Floridanativeplants #Florida #ImagineOurFlorida #wildflowers
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Mosquito Lagoon
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
--- Tuesday Trivia ---

The term biophilia is the innate desire for humans to connect with nature. It was originally used by the famous biologist Edward O. Wilson who wrote the book "Biophilia" in 1984.

#ImagineOurFlorida #IOF #TuesdayTrivia
#OneWithNature #Biophillia
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
Imagine Our Florida, Inc.
---Tuesday Trivia---

What is the term used to describe humans' innate tendency to connect with nature?

A) Naturamour
B) Biophilia
C) Sentimental niche
D) Instinctual habitation

Please Post your Answer in the Comments.
Answer revealed tonight at 6 pm.

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