Imagine are Florida, Inc.’s  primary purpose is to create and use science-based education to teach folks of all ages how to connect, respect and coexist with our wild friends and their wild spaces.

 A thousand people move to Florida each day.  Family and work commitments leave little time to learn and understand the environment around us. With so many demands on our educators,  it’s  difficult for teachers to develop lesson plans.  Students who have never been in the woods or around animals may have an equally difficult time in school trying to engage in the material.  For these reasons Imagine Our Florida,  Inc. is focused on educating people of all ages about Florida’s unique wildlife, natural resources, and land. 

Our distinctive science-based lesson plans, informative social media and blog posts, and educational videos on YouTube makes it easy to learn when humans don’t interfere, Nature has it all under control.  Folks will learn how to respect rather than fear, how to show wildlife there are better food sources in the woods than in human neighborhoods and how to coexist with Nature in our wonderful state.

See our Education tab in the menu for Imagine Our Florida’s educational materials and lesson plans.

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