In Memoriam

From the Estate of Ileana Sisson

Katherine T. in memory of Jerry Turner
Alex F. in honor of the bears who lost their lives needlessly
Arlene C. in memory of Armando de J. Cuellar, Sr.

With Gratitude to IOF's Generous Donors

Adrienne C., Angela S., Adam S., Alex C., Alex F., Amanda C., Amunet W., Andrea E., Andy W., Anthony E., Ariela G., Arlene C., Avery G., Aymee L., Ben K.,  Bill J., Brian M., Briar Lee M., Carla G., Catalina G., Christina F., Cole L., Danielle W., David B., David G., Debbie L., Dennis O., Donna & Huey F., Dusty K., Elizabeth D., Fawnequi M., Flo F., Gina M., Ginger G., Heather W., Healthy Planet of Brevard, Ileana R., Jacqueline E., Janet D., Jeffrey C., Jeff S., Jennifer C., Jennifer G., Jim B., Jim D., John B., Johnny S., Jorge S., Julie B., Karla G., Katie K., Kay H.,  Marc G., Karrie L., Kay L., Kelsey L., Ken K., Kim and Martin V.,  Kevin Y., Kimberly L., Kimberly R., Kirk and Wendy K., Kitty S., Laurie M., Lindy Y., Lisa K., Loretta M., Lori R., Lourdes B., Marcus M., Mary Lou D., Matt L., Melanie L., Melissa H., Mimi B., Moshe Diane R., My Favorite Things Stamps (MFT Stamps), Nancy E., Nancy & Dan K., Natalie M., Nicole C., Pam M., Patricia S., Rachel and Rebecca F., Randy D., Ray M., Revan K., Richard F., Rob H., Rob P., Robert J., Rocks and Bones LLC., Ronnese L.,  Rosie B., Sara M., SeaLife Aquarium, Shannon G., Stephanie W., Stephany G., Steve L., Susan P., Tara L., Ted B., Trevor S., Viviana V., Wendy J., Annonymous, 


Partners: Many of our partners have given IOF donations, product, encouragement, and/or their time. Please use their services when you can.

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