Winged Sumac

Winged Sumac, Rhus copallinum, is a beautiful native shrub that is found in sandhills, Flatwoods, and dry prairies as well as disturbed areas. Winged Sumac gets its name from its leaves which appear to be pairs of wings lined up on the leaf stem.

The red-banded hairstreak uses the Winged Sumac as a host plant. Bees and butterflies are attracted to its yellowish-green flowers. Birds such as jays, warblers, crows and more dine on the berries.

Winged Sumac can be used in home landscapes and is well suited for a background plant in large areas. It generally grows in clumps to about 15 feet but has been known to reach 30 feet.

In the fall, the leaves turn a brilliant red color. A December frost makes this native shrub a stand out in your native garden and in Florida woodlands.

Photo credit – “Frosted Wings” by Andy Waldo

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