Ceraunus Blue Butterfly

Ceraunus Blue Butterfly

Take time to stop and look at the little things.

With a wingspan of only 1 to 1 3/16 inch, the Ceraunus Blue Butterfly, Hemiargus ceraunus (Fabricius), is easy to overlook. This tiny butterfly is commonly found flitting just above the vegetation in sunny habitats including parks, scrubs, along roadsides and in your Florida landscape.

Look for the prominent orange-rimmed black marginal spot on the hindwing. Females are usually a darker blue. Tiny blue eggs are laid on the flower buds of herbaceous legumes. The host plant provides food for the larvae with flowers, buds, and new growth. Multiple generations are born each year.

Do Ceranus Blue Butterflies live in your outdoor space? What butterflies have you seen in your yard?

Photo Credit: Aymee Laurain and Andy Waldo

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