The EPA is Seeking Important Input

The EPA has regulating air and water quality since December 2, 1970. Since then they have provided information to the public regarding the air and water quality in their area. They conduct research, regulate chemicals and their disposal, and take legal action to protect the health of the citizens and the environment. Here in Florida they have been tracking sea level rise. They have provided students with scholarships in STEM fields. They have monitored phosphorus levels in the Everglades. In 2015 they helped to charge two individuals with who poisoned wildlife and hunting dogs. This is only a snapshot of what the EPA does.

The EPA is now seeking public input on regulations that threaten to loosen regulations that keep our state safe. One regulation even involves, “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth, directs the EPA to review the Clean Power Plan, related rules and the NSPS for Oil and Gas, and all agencies to review existing regulations, orders, guidance documents and policies that potentially burden the development or use of domestically produced energy resources.”

This is counter productive to the goal of the EPA and it’s intended purpose. Please, send your comments to and share how much you appreciate the hard work the EPA has done. You can also make public comments at this link.…

For more information can be found at the link below.


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