New Life Village and IOF

Imagine Our Florida, Inc. partnered with Florida Skunk Rescue to bring an educational event to the community at New Life Village and educate the kids about animal behavior and to change their outlook on some animals that are typically misunderstood including the majestic bears and lovable skunks.

New Life Village (NLV) is an intergenerational community designed for families raising foster and adopted children. Its mission is to reduce the number of children in foster care by encouraging more families to adopt and by providing these adoptive families a loving, supportive place to call home. NLV residents have either adopted a child or are in the process of doing so. The Village was founded by Sister Claire LeBoeuf, CSC of the Congregation of the Sisters of Holy Cross. Sister Claire has spent her entire adult life advocating for abused and neglected children. Several seniors also call NLV home. They serve as surrogate grandparents and volunteers to the children and to the mission. The Village offers a reduced rent incentive to assist these families. The Village also offers several onsite programs to support parents and children

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