Its cold outside – How do our bears stay warm?

—-It’s COLD Outside – How do our Bears Stay Warm?—-

As we know, in the fall, our bears foraged in the forests and some in our trash cans, for foods high in carbohydrates and protein. During this stage of hyperphagia, our bears got fat! Many of our Florida Black Bears, including mother bears who will give birth to cubs next month, are denning. Their deep layer of fat and their fur will keep them warm and snugly in their dens. This warmth allows them to wake easily if disturbed.

There’s more! During this denning period, bears get all the water they need from the break down of fat. Their protein comes from muscle and tissue breakdown. The bear’s bodies miraculously use the nitrogen in urea, which is found in their urine, to make new protein.

During Florida cold snaps, we humans layer our clothes, sit by fires, curl up in blankets, make warm comfort food and sip hot drinks. Our incredible bears simply sleep right through it!…/na…/bear-essentials-of-hibernation.html…/Garrison%20et%20al%202012%20black%…


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