Nancy Kon has always been a visionary and has been able to ‘feel’ the world around her at a very young age. Throughout her life, she has been an activist/ advocate/ educator/ business owner/ developer/ store manager/ and entrepreneur. She is a master retouch artist, photojournalistic photographer and co-owner of the Kon Studio of Photography Inc.  Nancy has assumed many leadership roles including those of President, Vice President, and Treasurer on multiple boards, including her HOA.

Her passion for other people and living beings is second to none. In July of 2015, the important issue of animal rights really struck a chord with Nancy. After reading about affordable bear-resistant trash cans in Seminole county, she started a petition drive for support. In less than two months, she had accumulated 5250 signatures of residents and visitors to Central Florida. Shortly thereafter, she helped to assemble ‘Bear Monitors’ throughout the state for the 2015 Florida black bear hunt. Nancy and her husband Dan were also planning to monitor but instead managed the control center to document the bear counts and images that came pouring in over the 2 days during the hunt.

Through yearly conventions and seminars, she is always looking to learn more to make a difference in the lives of all sentient beings, including people. She knows that educating people of all ages will give them the knowledge needed to enable them to coexist without the fear that leads to ignorance. Nancy’s motto has always been ‘Shoot for the moon; Even if you miss, you will fall among the stars.’