Education and Event Coordinator Highlands County Gail is a University of Michigan Alumni with a degree in Accounting and Economics and a music minor. She is certified in Phlebotomy Concepts and Classroom Skills by Indian River College and has studied Music theory at Northeastern University. An owner of two therapy dogs, Gail is a member of Good Shepard Hospice. She works as the District leader for the Humane Society of the United States and is an FWC bear stake holder. Gail has served as Secretary/Treasurer for Primal Connection, a nonprofit where she worked with children and seniors on drumming She also hosted events, participated as a keynote speaker, and organized fund raising drives as well as music promotion and gigs. She was the Assistant to CEO of International Woman’s Group I Chicago IL. Gail previously worked as the Marketing Coordinator for Lutheran General Health Care System in Park Ridge IL which consisted of 4 corporations. There she was responsible for seminar preparation and production, administrative and report writing, producing brochures for durable medical equipment, managed medical supplies and contract materials and more.