As a Florida native, Aymee grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida surrounded by a strong marine biology influence which included the Clearwater Aquarium and

the filming of her favorite childhood television show. SeaQuest DSV. Her childhood heroes included Eugenie Clark and Jane Goodall. After high school, Aymee entered the Air Force and served at Offutt AFB in Nebraska and Shaw AFB in South Carolina. She trained as a military working dog handler and learned much about animal psychology. Aymee completed her associate degree in Criminal Justice while also working toward a degree in Marine Biology. In 2006, she left the military and returned to Florida. Disappointed with the deterioration in marine education and conservation in Florida, she switched her degree program to Science Education – Biology Emphasis with the intent to inspire high school students and encourage them to share her enthusiasm and passion for science. She has completed an associate degree in Education, studied Biodiversity at the University of Zurich,studied Evolution at Darwin University, lectured at the Aparicio-Levy Technical Center Veterinary Assisting Program and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at St. Petersburg College. In 2015, Aymee volunteered as a bear hunt monitor. Her life was forever changed by the events that took place on that day. She turned her attention toward the Florida black bear, spending months tirelessly pouring over and investigating scientific research and gathering data. In 2016, she enhanced her efforts towards education and conservation in Florida by joining the Board of Directors of Imagine Our Florida which helped launch a series of scientific education and conservation-based efforts which she looks forward to expanding for future generations.