Helen & Allan Cruickshank Sanctuary

Helen & Allan Cruickshank Sanctuary

The Helen and Allen Cruickshank Sanctuary is the perfect place to take a hike. Originally part of a large scrub habitat located near the Indian River Lagoon in Rockledge, this 140-acre sanctuary was acquired by the EEL program and is surrounded by development.
The Cruickshank Sanctuary is best known for its friendly Florida Scrub-jay population. The 1-mile nature trail through a pine flatwoods habitat offers opportunities to observe a variety of plants and animals who thrive in the sanctuary. Listen for mockingbirds, sparrows, Eastern Towhees, woodpeckers and more. Look up to see birds of prey. Admire the abundance of wildflowers and pollinators along the way.
There is not much shade so be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat.
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