Flat-top Goldenrod

Flat-top Goldenrod – (Euthamia graminifolia )

This gem of a Florida native flower was found on the east coast of Florida at Cape Canaveral Seashore. This goldenrod is part of the Aster family, loves lots of sunshine, and is happy in average to moist soils. Native bees pollinate flat-top goldenrod and in South Florida, Monarch butterflies love its nectar.

You may spot an occasional ladybug, lacewing, or hoverfly who are attracted to this plant. These insects are beneficial to your garden and will help control insect pests.

Flat-top Goldenrod leaves look grass-like and they have an open cluster of small, yellow flowers. The perennial grows to about 3 feet tall and propagates by seed and rhizomes.

Imagine Our Florida thanks Mark Kateli, president of the Cuplet Fern Society for helping us identify this beautiful Florida native plant.

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