• Julia Sable

    Julia Sable, PhD, MFA Julia Sable is a science communicator and educator with ten years of experience working in science museums.… READ MORE...Read More

  • Nancy Kon

    Nancy Kon has always been a visionary and has been able to ‘feel’ the world around her at a very young age. Throughout her life, she has been an activist/…...Read More

  • Aymee Laurain

    As a Florida native, Aymee grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida surrounded by a strong marine biology influence which included the Clearwater Aquarium and the filming of her favorite… READ…...Read More

  • Andy Waldo

    Andy moved to Florida from Wisconsin in 1982 at the age of 3. He has spent his life in the woods and wild spaces of Florida. His passion is for the…...Read More

  • Dan Kon

    Dan has a passion for life and from the age of six has captured the vitality of the world with his camera.  He earned his degree in Photography and Multimedia…...Read More